I was commissioned by the Royal British Legion as part of their #KissForVEDay campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day. They commissioned street photographers in six cities across the UK to capture the spirit of VE Day when people spontaneously kissed in the streets. I was thrilled to be the Brighton street photographer chosen for the campaign and had great fun capturing kissing couples alongside well known Brighton landmarks.

"The #KissForVE Day campaign got coverage in five national papers and the hashtag was tweeted over 8,000 times with Jamie Oliver and Piers Morgan posting about the content. Your photos were flagged in the post-analysis review as a significant facor in the success of the online campaign. They commented on the 'natural' and 'spontaneous' feel of the photographs which perfectly encapsulated the concept of #KissForVEDay."

If you have an idea for a creative street photography campaign to meet your marketing aims or launch a campaign, I'm all ears!