Yes! Headshots are a crucial part of your marketing strategy - here are 3 top reasons why

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Do you still think headshots aren't a priority in your business? As a Brighton based headshot and personal branding photographer, I'm here to change your mind over the next 2 minutes as you read this blog. Customers who come to your website and social media profiles expect good quality images. Here are 3 simple reasons why headshots need to be top of your to-do list this January. 

  1. Headshots get you seen on social

Wanna be found online by your ideal customers? Yes! I thought so. Top quality headshots full of personality help you build a consistent presence on social media and get you seen by your target audience. Photos make posts more interesting and get more engagement. Research by LinkedIn has found that including images in posts increases the comment rate by a whopping 98%! If you have a stash of kick-ass headshots featuring a variety of outfits, situations and colours, it’s so simple to create content as you’ve always got great photos at your fingertips, ready to illustrate your points and tell a compelling story to your potential clients. 

  1. Headshots help your clients get to know you

Newsflash! Your customers are comparing you with several of your competitors before they decide to buy from you. Don't believe me? Well, I’m willing to bet you’ll check out several Brighton headshot photographers before you choose to work with me! See what I mean? Having great headshots speeds up the decision making process and helps your customers along their purchasing journey. Your photos differentiate you from your competitors and enable your customers to decide you’re the right fit. Make it easy for them! Show them some colourful, natural headshots and establish yourself as the clear front runner in your customers’ minds. 

  1. Headshots help you achieve consistent visibility 

Quite simply, being visible with great headshots will bring more leads into your business and help you convert them into paying customers. It’s very common for customers to take their time researching the options and checking out different products over several weeks or months. This means you need to stay visible over the long term, and be top of mind when your customers are ready to buy. Visibility across different channels also helps to complement your other marketing efforts. For example, if face-to-face networking is one of your key marketing channels, it's likely the people you meet at events will do their research by looking at your online content. In this way, your stand-out headshots will boost your broader marketing strategy. 

But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what my recent client had to say after we worked together on her headshots in Brighton:

"I've always known that building a warm and personable brand through the use of images was important, but I hadn't realised just how much of an impact it would have on my business. Since working with Lauren and my social media agency, I have noticed a lot more leads coming through and being moved along the 'like and trust' part of the client journey. During this time, I have seen my conversions increase by 600%. So don't underestimate the power of photos! Combining this with your own personal storytelling is a powerful combo that WILL get you results."

So what are you waiting for? Let’s create some fantastic headshots for you so you can take your marketing to the next level in 2022. Contact me now.

Man leaning against a brightly coloured wall in Brighton wearing a blue sweater Woman standing at the seafront in Brighton smiling at the camera Man wearing boxing gloves standing in Pavilion Gardens in Brighton and reaching one arm towards the camera Woman reading a magazine and leaning against a wall in the lanes in Brighton