Six reasons why you need great headshots

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How essential do you think headshots are to your business? I’m Lauren Psyk, a professional photographer in Brighton. Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or sole trader who thinks headshots are a ‘nice to have’? Perhaps you think a headshot photo shoot can wait until you're earning more / have more time / have had a decent haircut (delete as appropriate!). 

As a Brighton and Sussex headshot photographer, I’m going to convince you in this post that getting headshots can actually bring more leads and conversions into your business. Here are six quick fire reasons why headshots should be top of your priority list.   

  1. Headshots help you become more visible

In order to connect with your audience online, you need to let them see you and get to know your personality. You can’t do that if you’re hiding behind a logo or stock photography. It’s important to ‘show up’ in your own marketing. Showing off your portfolio and your lovely client testimonials is great. But your clients also want to see you - the face of the business. A set of colourful headshots full of personality will help you establish that visibility in your marketing and help you draw your audience in.  

  1. Headshots help you build a personal brand

Your personal brand is your unique blend of experiences, skills and personality traits. It helps you differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out online, and your headshots are a crucial part. You can incorporate your brand colours in your headshots using your clothing and the backdrops in the photos. This way your headshots will complement the colours on your website and in the rest of your marketing. Show your clients what it’s like to work with you by having photos of you meeting clients, making your products, working from home or in your office. 

  1. Headshots help you tell a story

Your story is completely unique to you and can’t be copied by your competitors. One of the simplest and most effective ways to tell a story is with a varied set of headshots. Everything in your headshots - from the outfits you wear, to the locations you choose and the props you have in the shot with you - is telling a story and giving clues to the viewer. When people look at your headshots, they’re instantly making judgements about whether they’d like to do business with you. Think about what clues you want to give and the messages you want to get across to your audience. 

  1. Headshots help you fast-track your customer journey

Before your customers buy from you, they’ve got to go through a process, or a ‘customer journey’. The stages can broadly be summarised as ‘know, like, trust.’ Everything in your marketing and your content is helping to move your customer through the stages until finally they’re ready to buy. Depending on what you’re selling, this process can take several months. A great set of headshots will help you fast-track these steps and move your clients through their journey more quickly. Your customers will get to like and trust you more quickly if you tell a great story in your headshots which helps them connect with you. My headshot clients have seen an increase in their leads and conversions because their headshots helped their customers to like and trust them.   

  1. Headshots help to build your confidence

A headshot photos shoot is useful for more than just the photos you get at the end of it. Do you find it difficult to be more visible and show up in your marketing? Then you need a confidence boost to help you come out of your shell and feel ready to show your personality to your clients. As a professional Brighton headshot photographer, I love to put my clients at ease and help them relax so they can show their personality. That’s when the magic happens! It’s amazing how the process of preparing for your photo shoot and stepping out your comfort zone in front of the camera will boost your confidence. And when you see the photos you’ll realise how great you look and you won’t be able to wait to share your new headshots! 

  1. Headshots help you create great content

Are you always struggling to come up with new ideas for blogs and social media posts? Without headshots it’s a challenge to tell a story and give your customers an insight into your life and your personality. But what if you had a library of great, on brand images at your fingertips? Every time you’re ready to post, you’ve got a perfect image right there. That’s why headshots are so crucial! If, like me, you’re time-poor and you’re doing everything in your business all by yourself, anything that makes life easier is a must!

Are you ready to gain confidence and become more visible in your business? Then let’s have a chat! I’m a Brighton photographer specialising in natural colourful headshots. I’m also a copywriter with a marketing background. When you choose me to shoot your headshots, you get all my photography and marketing experience in one place. Book a shoot now.


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