What’s the key ingredient that makes a set of headshots? It’s PERSONALITY.

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I’m Lauren Psyk, a Brighton headshot and personal brand photographer. My goal with every set of headshots and brand photos I do is to bring out a sense of your personality. 

That doesn’t have to mean all-singing, all dancing, jazz hands all the time. Some people are quieter and more reflective, and it’s important to reflect that in their headshots.

My Brighton headshot shoots create an environment where you can be yourself - whatever that may be.

How do I do that?

  1. Talking!

On my headshot photo shoots, I’ll be curious and ask you questions. Very quickly, I look to establish some common ground - perhaps a shared love of music or a favourite holiday destination. And it’s a two-way thing, my clients usually love to ask about me too! When you open up, your eyes start smiling and we can connect in a way that creates better brand photos.

  1. Walking!

I like to create a sense of movement in my headshots and to do that I’ll constantly keep you moving around - different poses; strolling to different backdrops. Movement helps you relax, and we’ll get your personality to come across more easily. Very soon, you’ll realise the photo shoot is easy as it’s just walking and chatting!

  1. Laughing!

I try to make laughter a part of every headshot shoot. I have no shame when it comes to saying stupid things to get you to smile. The perfect shot is worth a bit of silliness! AND the added bonus is you relax and show me some of your lovely personality. Boom!

If you think walking, talking and laughing sounds a fun way to spend an afternoon, then let’s chat about your headshots for 2023! Get in touch with me now